Hike to Yoga

Picture this: you’ve completed half of a hike and have come to a field and lay your mat down by a river. You begin by finding a comfortable seat, in the shade, and bring your awareness to your breath, to your body. You begin to move through a gentle and extra stretchy vinyasa sequence, all while moving with your breath and feeling the warmth of the perfect summer heat on your skin. All of this while listening to the chirping birds and the fast moving river behind you. As you lay down in savasana, supported literally, by the earth, you close your eyes and relax completely and totally, melting into the ground.

Welcome to Hike to Yoga. I wanted to bring together these two incredible activities which provide me with so much insight, relaxation and chance for meditation. The first one went so well and seeing the smiles on the faces of the women before me made my whole day. I realized that I was so in the moment I forgot to take photos. Not a bad thing! So the following photos are, as you can see, posed.

Thank you, ladies, for joining me and allowing me to guide you through this fun journey.

(Yes, that’s me in crow.)

Namaste, Ev.

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