Outdoor Flow Yoga


Outdoor Flow Yoga/Movement classes are back starting March 22nd! Please head on over the Revolution Community Yoga webpage http://www.yogaacton.com in order to sign up and see the entire schedule. My classes are every Monday from 10:30AM until 11:30AM. Props are always great to have around and a towel or blanket is a nice addition, especially when it’s wet outside. I can’t wait to see you there!

With gratitude, Ev.


Yoga with Goats

Come join myself and some goats for yoga at Springdell Farm in Littleton, MA! We’ll begin with some movement, including some sun salutes, and end with lots of stretching on our mats. This slow & gentle flow is good for all levels, including beginners. Bring a mat and some water and wear comfortable clothes that won’t restrict your movement.
• August 5th & 12th
• 8AM to 9:15AM
$15 p/person and payments can be made in the form of cash or credit/debit card and must be made before class.
• Please arrive at least 15 minutes ahead of time to find your spot and sign a waiver.
Let me know if you plan on shopping at the farm stand- I will lower your price to $12 and hand you a voucher that will get you a discount! (This deal is only good for the day of the event.)
I can’t wait to practice with you (and snuggle some goats!)
*Disclaimer: these goats are not trained to stand on backs or do any yoga poses, with or without our help. They’ll just be walking around making noise and looking super cute. They’re super soft so feel free to give a pat!

Hike to Yoga

Picture this: you’ve completed half of a hike and have come to a field and lay your mat down by a river. You begin by finding a comfortable seat, in the shade, and bring your awareness to your breath, to your body. You begin to move through a gentle and extra stretchy vinyasa sequence, all while moving with your breath and feeling the warmth of the perfect summer heat on your skin. All of this while listening to the chirping birds and the fast moving river behind you. As you lay down in savasana, supported literally, by the earth, you close your eyes and relax completely and totally, melting into the ground.

Welcome to Hike to Yoga. I wanted to bring together these two incredible activities which provide me with so much insight, relaxation and chance for meditation. The first one went so well and seeing the smiles on the faces of the women before me made my whole day. I realized that I was so in the moment I forgot to take photos. Not a bad thing! So the following photos are, as you can see, posed.

Thank you, ladies, for joining me and allowing me to guide you through this fun journey.

(Yes, that’s me in crow.)

Namaste, Ev.

gratitude for my teachers

I stepped into my first yoga class over a decade ago and something clicked. I began studying under Janet Green Garrison, at Yoga For Health in Gloucester, MA who later sold her studio space (she still teaches under the same name) to Chris Crotty who brought an element of Buddhism into his classes and I was sold. Mindfulness was what I needed in my life and it provided the fuel for the yoga fire, both on the mat and off. Through mindfulness and meditation I have come to be less reactive and more aware, more kind and compassionate. I just completed my 200 hour teacher training in both yin & yang at Buddha Nest Yoga in Groton, MA and couldn’t be more grateful for the gentle guidance and abundance of knowledge provided by Anne Dries and her assistant Heather Thomas: from meditation to the history of yoga’s ancient roots to sequencing to assists, I learned so much. I am forever grateful for this journey I am on.

Namaste, Ev.